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2nd Amendment from elsewhere

April 2, 2013


I admire the honesty in the post below,  but there’s not  a lot of open minded attitude. From “I propose repeal of the Second Amendment. Constitutional amendments are not easy, but that is no reason not to start. Examples of slavery, women’s suffrage and other civil rights tell us that. I am the son […]

This isn’t about saving children

January 27, 2013


This is about looking like you are doing something without actually doing something. Like enforcing seatbelt laws. I did some calculations and they really upset me. Things are getting pretty f’in crazy. Between the plans to ban semi-auto weapons and more than 7 bullet magazines, the average person is getting squeezed from both ends. MSM […]

Bovine Excrement

September 4, 2012


Why does Social Security need 174,000 bullets? The question isn’t why do they need bullets, it’s WHY should SSA have any armed agents? Shouldn’t that be part of DOJ? Or Marshals? Or SS (hmm sure looks some other agency with that name….) ? Or another Federal enforcement team? This is just one more way […]