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Going on lately

November 21, 2013


Been busy with kids and work. Yay I have full time work (more than 50% of U.S. doesn’t right now)! October was nice here in the South, a couple of ‘heatwaves’ hit and caused my tomatoes and jalapenos to flower and grow a bunch. Stupid plants. I got the last of each yesterday. Since the […]

A flash of the &(#^$ type

November 21, 2012


Our house is presently heated by an electric furnace and we have a natural gas heater in the living room plus the hot water heater is natural gas. I know if the grid goes down, I will likely have a few days of this to heat with but what happens when the gas is no […]

I guess … :)

September 11, 2012


Over and over I keep rolling this thing (SHTF) in my mind. Trying to figure how to prep not for me and my family, but to deal with the neighbors. The only thing I can come up with is to come in with help and advice when things are not quite there but looking very […]


May 23, 2012


One of the things I immediately thought of when I felt the S was about to HTF was defenses, especially passive ones. Sure rose bushes, heavy semi-mobile containers, signs of a fire on the house – even tripwires are in the plan. But I’m trying to plan for an “OH NO the SHTF, now!” and […]

My plan .. and suggestion.

May 13, 2012


I’ve seen lots of people new to prepping, like me, that have asked the question “Where do I start? Food? Water? Defense? Medicine? other?” And I’m going to share with the Internet my ideas and plan. To start with, I like camping and we have lived in the same house as adults for 20 years. […]

Having a small doomstead

April 1, 2012


We live in town in a small city, a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom on a 100 x 55′ lot. Don’t tell me move, I would if I could. We presently have myself, the Mrs., our soon to be 18 year old daughter and our 4 four-footed children. It’s a nice house built in […]


April 1, 2012


Those of you who are prepping for the Fit to hit the Shan, do you have pets? Me and the wife have 4 cats and hopefully maybe a dog or two to come. They are a part of our life – there day and night. Like family they can piss you off, but they also […]