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Real World Finance or How did a piece of paper become our pay?

May 17, 2013


Where does money come from? Supposedly it comes from the value of owned objects – an object is worth such and such because the market will bear it. So let’s start with a new country. We start with 100 gold bars at 1 oz for each person. As the government setting up currency, we want […]

United We Stand, Divided …

May 1, 2013


I’ve been trying to perceive the reasons and patterns for our government’s schizoid behavior and I have a theory (don’t I always?) Why would you classify your returning heroes as dangerous when they are the ones keeping you in power? Why give them &%^#$ healthcare (physical and mental) yet build the *^%$ out of DHS? […]

Legal madness

October 2, 2012


I’ve read some articles on the net where people lay down what they think is going to happen, especially when the dollar finally becomes worthless and inflation and the National Debt collide. Many posit that the welfare/medicare/social security systems will drain the Federal Revenue stream so heavily, those receieving Government assistance will one day walk […]

New World Order – Corporations

August 3, 2012


We’ve heard the phrase before but I’ve always taken it ‘New’ ‘World Order’ – maybe it’s ‘New World’ ‘Order.’ On my recent long trip along the East coast, I had a thought. Well  more than one but this one fits here. What if the ‘Masters of our government’ or the ‘movers and shakers’ actually were […]