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Going on lately

November 21, 2013


Been busy with kids and work. Yay I have full time work (more than 50% of U.S. doesn’t right now)! October was nice here in the South, a couple of ‘heatwaves’ hit and caused my tomatoes and jalapenos to flower and grow a bunch. Stupid plants. I got the last of each yesterday. Since the […]

Follow up to “A flash of the &(#^$ type”

December 3, 2012


Forgive me if I rehash anything – it’s Christmas time and I’m busy making presents and visiting Church events. Also, I’m brainstorming more than designing, if you could call what I use a brain; I’m not convinced it isn’t just a jumble of random wires. 🙂 Today’s rant is on… Hmmmmm prepping. wait that’s the […]

A flash of the &(#^$ type

November 21, 2012


Our house is presently heated by an electric furnace and we have a natural gas heater in the living room plus the hot water heater is natural gas. I know if the grid goes down, I will likely have a few days of this to heat with but what happens when the gas is no […]

Wow – since no one comes here… I can say anything!!

May 23, 2012


Well, I’m not alone (thanks Google 😦 ) but I think as an addition to a prepping person’s system it would add to the consistency of power. In general when it rains, there are clouds and the skies are dark. Not good solar power days. BUT there is a good side effect. Vertical kinetic energy […]