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Real World Finance or How did a piece of paper become our pay?

May 17, 2013


Where does money come from? Supposedly it comes from the value of owned objects – an object is worth such and such because the market will bear it. So let’s start with a new country. We start with 100 gold bars at 1 oz for each person. As the government setting up currency, we want […]

United We Stand, Divided …

May 1, 2013


I’ve been trying to perceive the reasons and patterns for our government’s schizoid behavior and I have a theory (don’t I always?) Why would you classify your returning heroes as dangerous when they are the ones keeping you in power? Why give them &%^#$ healthcare (physical and mental) yet build the *^%$ out of DHS? […]

New World Order – Corporations

August 3, 2012


We’ve heard the phrase before but I’ve always taken it ‘New’ ‘World Order’ – maybe it’s ‘New World’ ‘Order.’ On my recent long trip along the East coast, I had a thought. Well  more than one but this one fits here. What if the ‘Masters of our government’ or the ‘movers and shakers’ actually were […]

The New ‘Murica

April 1, 2012


My hope is to be a part of the rebuild of the new ‘old’ America where your income is based on what you produce – all transactions are based on actual production .. service/debt based economy get behind us! Barter will be the heart of the system. A person getting ‘rich’ (having an excess of […]