United We Stand, Divided …

Posted on May 1, 2013


I’ve been trying to perceive the reasons and patterns for our government’s schizoid behavior and I have a theory (don’t I always?)

Why would you classify your returning heroes as dangerous when they are the ones keeping you in power? Why give them &%^#$ healthcare (physical and mental) yet build the *^%$ out of DHS? Why slam the Border Patrol and say “sorry no ammo for you” when they just contracted for 1.6 billion rounds? Why alienate the gun owners,  the middle class and the blue collar workers?

Why would you welcome illegal aliens into the country when jobs are already scarce, making the plight of the middle and lower class worse off than they were.  Why put local patriots on the ‘WATCH” lists when these are the people who actually bind themselves to the community and create new resources? Why voluntarily increase the numbers of people on welfare and still feed the fat cats on wall street more and more? Why would you allow poisonous food to be unmarked or even marked as “healthy”?

Why go after the people who believe in literal interpretations of both the Constitution and the Bible? Why continue useless, immoral and boundlessly expensive wars in other lands?  Why spend a *&^%(& of $ to educate the children and never really teach them? Why devalue the dollar at every turn? HOW the HELL did we get inflation of 1000%+? A dinner in 1910 cost about 5 cents. Same dinner today is at least $7. Milk was about 0.32$, now it’s between $3 and $4.50. Incomes – average was $750 a year. Now average income is $42000. NOT $75,000. Economies of scale should be making the cost of things go down! We grow food on mega-farms, we mega-fish, food is processed like tires in factories, we have equipment to desalinize ocean water to fresh, we have mounds of power, towers of fossil fuels.

Notice that a lot of companies are making buttloads of money even as they are laying off employees. Pensions are not guaranteed, FDIC is looking more and more like a joke yet every bit  of news that comes out of Washington seems to say “It’s OK, we’re getting better!” I guess they are actually saying “It’s ok, WE’RE getting richer.”

The treatment of our vets chaps my ass hard. How the hell can we expect to recruit for more of the wars they keep putting on us when they treat the returning heroes like crap? Here’s one of my answers. There’s actually a schism in the government. 2 factions, unseen. We see only the effects of the war. One side says “Hey, we can rally the returning (ed) vets to our side and have power to fight you.” “Ok, we’ll just piss them off so much they want nothing to do with anyone.” “We’ll turn to the middle class!” “Fine, here’s their shrinking incomes.” “We’ll train the kids!” “Fine, we’ll change it so school isn’t about thinking but learning to take tests!”  “We’ll provide true personal freedom for the people, the ability to be an individual in a group!” “And we’ll turn it PC so you can have freedom, if the rules let you. And they won’t.” “We’ll encourage personal responsibility!” “We sue you for actually acting good and being kind to your neighbor. No one will have anything to do with their neighbor for fear of being sued!” “We’ll disconnect from the consumer engine that eats people up!” “We’ll poison all the land and foods, destroying the ability to stay independent.” “We’ll help people live longer!” “So they can die slower and pour more of their wealth into the healthcare system.”

Seems to explain the totally bizarre behavior of the Fed doesn’t it?

Or maybe those in charge fear a single massive social upheaval so they are trying to get some going now which might stop more later. Making firebreaks. You can’t stop the wildfire directly, too strong and fast. BUT if it reaches a big enough location where there is no fuel (because it’s already been burned) then it gets controlled and stops. Make people afraid now before the main show and you can keep them following the carrot of ‘security.’