Been thinking again

Posted on April 2, 2013


Yeah, dangerous thing I know. But I’ve been doing some studying on the web and in some references and I think there are some things that people aren’t paying attention to when it comes to firearms. I’ll try and stay both clear and on track (can’t guarantee either.)

First off, the genie is out of the bottle for America. Guns are not only a large portion of our heritage, they are a massive portion of our society. Go see an action movie in America. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. And action movies where the hero doesn’t use them still glamorize them. *&^%$ You Hollywood! You produce these movies, you actors get paid buttloads of money, you writers have to drop them into your stories, you viewers push them for more, higher kicks. Oh, and don’t get me started on the friggin’ production companies. So, if you do movies with guns, recently. Or do one in the future, and you stamp your feet about “gun violence”, STFU. You are a hypocritical part of the system and your opinions have no value to the citizen with  a quarter of a brain.

History wise, our forebears made guns part of their lives; the romanticized old West. The settlers fighting Injuns. The Revolutionary War. Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes. Sure lots of people didn’t have guns. But those that did were part of a system that emphasized the responsibility of people to take of each other. Not how to deal with snowflake’s hurt wittle fewwings. When people worried about their neighbors more than their own feelings, suddenly the neighbors were more interested in them! Now we close ourselves off, disconnect from the world and people around us, claiming no responsibility to our neighbors. You didn’t do what was right because you had to (and in some cases you had to) but because it was what was best for all involved.

Between history and culture, guns are part of our lives. Maybe in a hundred years you can talk about banning them, but with my generation still here, it just ain’t happening.

Do you realize how easy it is to make a gun? About 10 simple parts that anyone with any minimum of tools can make, and you’ve got a shotgun or a single shot pistol. Add about 15 more parts and you have a semi-automatic. Take away one or two, you’ve got a fully automatic gun. From any shop. From any shed. If you say ‘They can make all the guns they want, if they can’t buy ammo, they aren’t worth anything”, you are sort of right. How’s that ‘War on Drugs’ coming? Other countries will make it and sell it at elevated costs. “Great, less people will get it then.” Nope. People will just break more laws, hurt their neighbor to get the money for the ammo they used to be able to afford. Besides, gun powder isn’t the only fuel that can project lead at high speeds. Ever hear of propane? Butane? Gasoline? Hydrogen? Rail guns? Take away the bullets and watch people carry around flamethrowers. Crossbows. Explosives. Thermite is so very easy and inexpensive to make, and burns with over 3000 degrees F.

At least as it is you can control what is out there. By banning semi-auto rifles you are just begging for FULL AUTO rifles. Did you know that you can put a longer barrel and a buttstock, along with a slight adjustment in parts on a legal semi-automatic pistol and you have semi-auto rifle? And if you are going to put me in jail for the same amount of time as a full auto, why would I stop at semi-auto? Might as well go out with a bang. Take away too much from people, they’ll decide they don’t just want a tomato, they want the full garden. Look at lever action rifles. They generally don’t have removable magazines, yet can carry 10 bullets lots of times. Or adjust the gun a bit and you’ve got removable magazines. I’ve tried quick firing with a lever action. I can fire 10 bullets in about 7 seconds. Add an extended tube and we can move some from 10 to 20 rounds. Or how about we change the design of the lever action to allow quick replacement of an empty tube (weird magazine) – lever action still gets you 80-90 shots per minute. Include tube changes, maybe 5o shots per minute. About half of present semi-automatic’s speed. But still a lot of bullets.

And this bull%$#& about “you need to give up your toys for the good of others.” Sure. When you donate all of your income to the poor. Include any and all future income. Oh, and get the hell off our backs and get your own pensions, not from us! Think about it Senators and Reps. Your income could save 4, 5 even six families living below poverty. You don’t need that money, other people need it more. Let me see the checks.

Didn’t think so.