Legal madness

Posted on October 2, 2012


I’ve read some articles on the net where people lay down what they think is going to happen, especially when the dollar finally becomes worthless and inflation and the National Debt collide. Many posit that the welfare/medicare/social security systems will drain the Federal Revenue stream so heavily, those receieving Government assistance will one day walk in to their favorite grocery store, plop their 6 pack of Cokes and Slim Jims down and run their EBT (government benefits card) through the little card scanner and hear ‘BEEEP.’ The next thing they know, the clerk is trying to explain how the card has been rejected and they will have to pay in cash. This period of monetary failure will drive those who can’t/won’t produce their own food nuts and they will go Hog Wild.

Given the state of our laws, I would guess the idea that our Gubermint is planning on people rioting over food – EBT cards having no value, is off the mark. According to the NDAA and other laws, if the president says you work in the fields picking cotton, then you work in the fields picking cotton. No ifs, and or buts. With no recompense. No pay. Not even a guarantee to be fed and clothed and have medical care. You are a slave, and you are owned by the U.S. Government. ‘This is all for the good of all of us’.

So instead of millions of welfare-reliant people going wild over no food or money to get food, my idea is that they are going to say ‘The system can’t handle all the $$ that welfare requires, go to work on the farms for pennies and you’ll get something’ (food or just enough money to buy food.) People can fight and die, they can resist and starve, or they can work for the Corporations and the Government (now actually the same thing.), as indentured or just plain slaves. If you look at it closely, what that law says is that we are slaves, not free people. We have no right to anything. Ever. If (and I am sure it will be) the Government starts arresting American’s with no due process, then it’s over for the average person.

I’m not sure it isn’t already over for America. We’re just waiting for the guillotine to fall. When you are a criminal for growing your own food;depriving Agricultural business their much OWED dollars for food designed to be cheap and easily handled, not nutritious or even non-toxic. I actually had this discussion with a teacher of Constitutional Law. He explained to me that a case of Government gone mad that is beyond all common sense logic.

The story, as told to me, was that a farmer was growing wheat and was told by the Government to not grow that wheat (there was already enough being grown is my guess, the teacher said it was an artificial prop to wheat prices.) So the farmer figured this meant “You can’t grow wheat to make a living.” He figured wrong.

He started growing wheat for his families own consumption (to feed chicken’s), with no intent or action to sell it to anyone else. He wasn’t even giving it away to other people that weren’t family, just feeding his own chickens. When the agency found out, it took him to court for growing the wheat, proclaiming that by not burning his field at their instructions, he was being a criminal. The farmer’s argument was that he was only growing for personal use and that there was no evidence, that he was selling or planning to sell this. It really was being used to feed his chickens.

Guess what? He was found guilty of breaking the law in that he grew what the governing agency told him not to (and didn’t burn down his hard work when told to.) The reason the court gave for  the Federal Government having a dog in this fight, and for him being found guilty, was the laws on interstate commerce. Now the farmer never passed any goods over state lines, but the final announcement was that he was interfering with interstate commerce by not buying wheat from someone else – basically you can’t grow your own food, not because it’s dangerous, or harmful to your family or to the community. No.  It’s because you are ‘actually’ taking money from the pockets of businesses by not paying them for the food. Never mind that he was actually producing more income by 1) buying seeds, 2) buying water from the utility, 3) buying electricity  to run irrigation, 4) buying insecticides (natural or not),  5) increasing the health of his family (locally produced foods TEND to be less polluting and toxic) and finally being a good example. Check out Wickard vs. Filburn.

We are already nothing to the government, they are just letting us be so the larger group doesn’t realize how we’ve been betrayed and panic. Well maybe the original writers are right. Either way, madness reigns, we are ruled by traitors and there’s nothing we can physically do to fix it.