I guess … :)

Posted on September 11, 2012


Over and over I keep rolling this thing (SHTF) in my mind. Trying to figure how to prep not for me and my family, but to deal with the neighbors. The only thing I can come up with is to come in with help and advice when things are not quite there but looking very bleak. Maybe name off some think tank saying “Have you heard? They’re telling people to …., just in case.” “Do you know anyone who knows how to …..?” or “What kind of tools do you have, do you need some to (do whatever it is.)?” “If the stores run out or I lose my job, do you have any ideas for me of what to do?” Maybe I need to make a guide – several levels (sections/chapters?) of ideas and point to it at a site. My own ‘Goobermint Pamplets.’

Section one – cleaning bad sink water (filtering then boiling), stretching  your food dollar by easy vegetable growth (say Green Beans, Zucchini, anything that grows with very little upkeep i.e. the kudzu of foods), neighborhood security.

Section two – sanitizing rain and standing water, growing your own food (far more in depth – harder to grow foods), alternate power (generators etc.), reduced city services (garbage, recycled …), silver cash/coins, sharing entertainment from house to house, block security.

Section three – distilling water (via solar, sodis or fire), raising animals for food (catfish in a barrel, rabbits, chickens), ‘Alternate’ power (human power, solar warming, solar electric, wind), living with no city services at all, barter systems, medical supplies from household goods, gathering natural foods, home security.

Section four – Transport of water from nearby sources, raising animals for food – less ‘acceptable’ (but higher ROI) animals (rats, pigeons), aeroponics/hydroponics, cooking via solar or hydrogen,  emergency weather procedures (closing off portions of the house etc.), skills that are useful without power, medical supplies from the natural environment.

Section five (family only) – All info on making any anything (A-Z),  basic electrical info, emergency medical procedures, SERE, the fine art of cooking with canines or felines (hahaha), the ‘Where There is no ..” series.

As you can see, I’m talking about upping the degree of ’emergency alert’ in each section so that as the problem gets worse, so does the advice to go with it; the lessons get more and more ‘advanced’ as the apparent breakdown of our lives advances. I know survivors/preppers will point out my lack of gun based weapons info, but I’m assuming if they don’t already have one, I can’t convince them of one. BUT I might be able to get them thinking about slingshots, knives and such. Another project, YAYYYY! 🙂

Edited: I am staying away from anything about storage or storing or … if asked it’s “Oh, wow, good idea, really wish I hadn’t just been just sharing my veggies with people at work!” or (depending on the person) “I wish! Most of my crop failed but …”