Bovine Excrement

Posted on September 4, 2012


Why does Social Security need 174,000 bullets?

The question isn’t why do they need bullets, it’s WHY should SSA have any armed agents? Shouldn’t that be part of DOJ? Or Marshals? Or SS (hmm sure looks some other agency with that name….) ? Or another Federal enforcement team? This is just one more way that our Federal Government is just not working! Why does NOAA need armed agents? Why not just call the Coast Guard? Aren’t they the law on the water?  Or maybe State Police or local police or ….

Or why not just arm every single Federal employee? We know they are all targets of AQ and other evil agents, why single out only a few? WTH is happening? We have no rights left (see Patriot Act I & II), and they are adding more and more armed forces to the Federal payroll. Hmmm. Sounds ‘Legit’ to me!

Come on. This is getting more than ridiculous. It’s just scary. What’s next, arming the Cosmetology board? Real Estate board? I know those of you reading this know this already ask, but why are people not questioning this? Are we really that much just sheep to the slaughter? 295 armed SSA agents? They have that many run-ins with grandma and welfare slobs? Something is not right here. Agencies should not be alowed to enforce the laws directly unless they are an actual enforcement agency. If you allow all agencies to arm agents then remove the enforcement ONLY agencies.

Aw to heck with it. They are making no sense and we listen to those saying “sure it makes sense (just don’t look any closer….)” George Orwell was wrong, 1984 wasn’t as bad as it can get, it’s getting far worse.