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Posted on August 24, 2012


Decided to be the “can do guy” not the “he has everything” in the face of the SHTF.
Although I do have materials preps: water, food, medicine, money, I don’t want to
let anyone in my neighborhood know. But I am also not willing to let my neighbors
just starve and die when there is a chance something I can DO or teach will help them.

I know my preps can’t carry 30+ people for 6+ months, they might take 2 people 30 days. So I can’t let anyone know I’ve prepared for me and mine. So what can I do? I know basic first-aid (blood loss, binding, triage, cpr, a few herbal recipes) and I’m learning more

I’m testing and working with designs/setups that I can share with others and help them build to keep them off my back. Power, water treatment, waste elimination, homemade refrigeration. Anything that allows us to keep some small portion, a semblence if you will, of our present day tech. I want to plant seeds, not bodies.

I actually believe by being useful, that is, not having things but abilities, I can ensure the
safety of my family far more than any prep I could buy. Barter has been talked about in the prepper forums (different ones) and depending on the depth of the fall, I can see it getting to be the ONLY thing. You can try and trade things but you have to have what people want and are willing to give up their goods in exchange for what you have – a guessing game if you will. Sure stuff that’s hard to get now will most likely be horrendously rare after SHTF, but you can get some stuff that will hold for a while: chocolate, power independent electronics (crank radio etc.), seeds (not the food but some seeds.)

In the end by being the ‘medic’ and/or ‘the mechanic’ and/or, the ‘defense coordinator’,
it is your actions that will keep you fed and safe, not what you have. Just like those with
experience growing food will become prized possessions, so will those that increase the
chances of your neighbors living a safer and higher standard of living. A situation like this will be glorious to the ‘ideas’ guy – someone who can take what you have and put the pieces together in a unordinary fashion. Along with the ideas must come engineers. Those who actually implement what the ideas men come up with.

For the initial days of SHTF defensive/arms users will be the requirement of the day. Their importance will get lower for a bit then jump up pretty high and slowly fall again. Medical care will be similar but the #’s of practioner’s will be lower and over the long run more valuable. Everyone can wound, not everyone can heal. Food creators/stewards will have little need in beginning but will become the most important a good bit of time after SHTF – if the system is down, present supplies can carry people a few days, even a week or 2 for those who plan ahead … the toughest will last up to 90 days, the weaker between 14 and 45 days. For the community with a prepper leading it if they have the materials in store, they can make it to the 90 day mark. This is about the crop growing period – 60 to 120 days. Those sharing seeds with community at the beginning
will start to see others getting their own food at the 70+ day mark, but how do we get them to that mark?

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