New World Order – Corporations

Posted on August 3, 2012


We’ve heard the phrase before but I’ve always taken it ‘New’ ‘World Order’ – maybe it’s ‘New World’ ‘Order.’ On my recent long trip along the East coast, I had a thought. Well  more than one but this one fits here.

What if the ‘Masters of our government’ or the ‘movers and shakers’ actually were not evil BUT are wrong. What would they be doing that matched the behavior we see of the Federal Government? One idea is this: America has always been a group of people who despise and are despised by the rest of the world. In general we are too black and white and proud of who we are to allow good foreign relations. What if the social engineering being enacted by those in power is meant to adjust the attitudes of Americans to match that of the ‘rest of the world’ and thereby reduce the violence ‘perpetuated by Americans’ due to the  difference in attitudes between us and the ‘rest of the world.’ This theory means that Americans, and American history has shown this, are generally arrogant, imperialist and have little regard for anything other than America’s interests. {Which is all purely logical. I’m not saying it is isn’t right, just that it is perceived as wrong.}

By slowly adjusting our attitudes, the PTB setup a new order by basically removing the largest source of conflict in the world, America as we know it. The whole point would be to create new generations of slow, ignorant and anti-patriotic citizens (owing allegiance to the brotherhood of man, not to a specific country.) Tis populace can be controlled easily, doesn’t think for themselves and have no country based ego. Many of our conflicts, and our interference in conflicts, will be removed. If we are equal, we can’t make a moral choice and take sides.

It would also allow for a safer citizenship: if we are less polar, there will be less reason to hate us. And less reason to kill us. A person who is antipathetic is far less of a danger to others than one who is convinced of their moral superiority and therebyif we are antipathetic rather than black and white, we help the average person live a safer life.

It’s a bold and intelligent plan. And it’s a bad one. Sure nationalism can promote destructive and divisive behavior, but it also can help set an example and be a guide for other countries. By doing this, TPTB are not just bringing down America, they are bringing down the world.Without a light to guide the other countries, savagery and barbarism are not far behind. By removing our reason for feeling morally superior, we are making ourselves as bloodthirsty as the all others. By being the same, we gain only a safe ‘equality’ that contributes nothing to the world. Sure our country as a whole will have less imperialistic and barbaric moral wars, but we lose the grand vision that used to be. The leaders are trading freedom for safety.


All is not peaches and cream here. Here our corporations have become oligarchs because we have embraced the idea or incorporation of a group of people as a specific and individual person. We’ve created a land where Liberty has fallen because the very persons imbued with power are immune from prosecution. You no longer can hold a person responsible for what a corporation does and therefore corporations can do horrific things and no one person is blamed. This is wrong and anti-capitalist. We aren’t encouraging new small businesses. We are encouraging larger existing corporations.

Why do we even have incorporation? It creates business entity that has legally no master but has rights. No responsibility but choices. It doesn’t matter what financial system you use, when a business entity cannot be held responsible for both it’s corporate and individual choices the system fails at helping continue the enrichment of people – corporations are the new people. Are corporations alone in this? No. Government employees need to be help personally responsible for negligent and evil behavior. No one should be able to hide behind the law and continue to harm others with no repercussions. Remove the ability to do evil things with no personally chosen values and you will reduce, even reverse a large portion of the damage corporations have done. It ain’t gonna happen legally. It will have to be an individual on corporation war. Since the law, wrongfully, recognizes the rights of corporations, doing away with them will not work withing the system.

If the people rise up against the corporations and show our leaders that all are to be held responsible, we can force the correction of our system and revive the true America – the one where people do what is right. Both because they should and because they legally are required to.