Posted on May 23, 2012


One of the things I immediately thought of when I felt the S was about to HTF was defenses, especially passive ones. Sure rose bushes, heavy semi-mobile containers, signs of a fire on the house – even tripwires are in the plan. But I’m trying to plan for an “OH NO the SHTF, now!” and I’m trying to anticipate other people’s moves. I’m trying to think of what I can do to steer them away from my doomstead. Things to convince them elsewhere is better pickin’s.

I’ve considered that if the neighborhood is empty, I’ll collect some good, some bad, some in-between cans of food and dropping a couple of cans in houses 2 or 3 down from me. Then I’ll drop 5 or 6 in the next house and maybe skip a house or two and drop a good sized load in two houses 3 and 4 blocks away from me. I have to randomize it a bit, but my point is to lead them away or around my home – defense by sleight of hand (Reeses Piece’s anyone?) It’ll cost in cans but if I plan those for any non-trained person’s will they tend in the direction they found food, not towards my house? Maybe even a few ‘failed’ traps at the houses at the end? A stronger push that “that way is being defended more, therefore it’s got more”?

Will the guys with military training catch this quickly? Is it something taught? Maybe I should try the failed traps in few random places around? On the ‘great food scavenger hunt’ should I save the high value (best foods) for the farthest out house? Also, how heavily should I noise-trap surrounding houses? Equal? Random? Distance based?

On the fire I’m guessing I need to make the ‘faked windows’ very dark so that people passing by don’t see the difference in light as they pass? As you pass a normal open window, the view and light changes as you pass. If holograms didn’t have that silvery look about them I would figure they would be wonderful for hiding in plain sight. I’ve also thought about the tennis ball cannon my brother and I built when I was younger… does the ammo have to be tennis balls or potatoes? I’m considering (oh look a squirrel!) using blackberry bushes for deterrence AND food. Don’t remember how thorny they are.

We are thinking about getting one of those ‘noiseless fans’ for when the SHTF so my wife can have a fan blowing on her at night but we don’t attract attention; I figure using candles instead of flashlights and maybe cooking some really nasty strong onions or similar to cover the smell of real dinner?

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