What will you miss?

Posted on April 1, 2012


Lately I’ve found a number of TEOWAWKI posts interesting but one subject has me intrigued beyond the others (well one other..) and that’s, what will I miss? (Based on my interpretation of how the STHF will go down, see ‘not with a bang but a …‘) In no specific order (some are pretty equal to me):

1) Instant water – also near instant hot water.

2) Near unlimited electricity – for electronics, for comfort, for tools. I make my present living on computers and have some skills in electricity but not enough to power the networks and systems we use at home, much less at work. I have enough setup to generate a bit of light and to run a few fans, maybe a radio (if they are getting anything.) Being in the city, there’s little chance to upgrade to a full solar setup for everything I want to run (home built A/C unit for nights, computer power, Playstation II games, DVDs, clocks)… maybe I’ll have time to find a small fridge I can run on my system, but that’s it.

3) Beef. Not just eating the meat but all the things we make from the milk: butter, sour cream, ice cream. I’ve not tried the goat’s milk of these,  but I don’t see us having goats before SHTF. Maybe after, some wild ones corralled? And the rabbits I plan on  raising for food just won’t give enough milk (nor do I have a small enough stool to milk them on….) I don’t think you can milk a chicken, 🙂

4) Long distance communication – I have family, that I like, on both coasts. A big SHTF and even if they are alive, not much chance of keeping in touch.

5) The ability to live with no daily worries about waste disposal.

6) Knowing that we all agree upon a singular document (The Constitution) as Americans and that if we believe in America, we see that as ‘The Law.’

7) A wide range of comedy types (books, movies,t.v.), even if I don’t specifically like a type right now, at other times, it’s the best one.

8) The dream of one day seeing the surface of the moon or Mars, in person.
And most of all:

9) Ice in Summer – any form … cube, block, frost…
What will you miss?