The New ‘Murica

Posted on April 1, 2012


My hope is to be a part of the rebuild of the new ‘old’ America where your income is based on what you produce – all transactions are based on actual production .. service/debt based economy get behind us! Barter will be the heart of the system. A person getting ‘rich’ (having an excess of necessities and able to trade that for non-necessities) will be great, but it’s because of things they do directly – A farmer becoming rich because he fed people, traded seeds for future produce, and raised a multiplying product; chickens and eggs and chicks, that is a person who creates true value, directly for others. Yes, there is some of the stock market at work here, an agreement to give progenitor a dozen future eggs, or 2 chicks per year in exchange for the barter of the original chicken, is much like futures trading, except for one thing, something real is exchanged for something real.

Or maybe call it a stock dividend – I receive eggs every so often while the owner keeps the chicken. Biggest thing is it is a directly measurable change in other people’s lives, not pretend monopoly money being traded between those who have made no real positive impact on society, they have played the system, a game, and only they profit from it. A capitalist system that works needs to be based on value per value – being good at playing the market is not a real skill that helps people directly; it’s gambling money on what people are going to do, not what they physically do.

The true capitalist will help others physically and also be rewarded in a measure directly related to how much he helps others or how man he helped. “If I give one chicken away per month in trade for a future 144 eggs, having 20 chickens and one rooster can make me ‘rich'” Being rich here is security for the farmer and his tribe. It’s only through trade with others and investing in them can financial (food and necessities) freedom be found.

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