Having a small doomstead

Posted on April 1, 2012


We live in town in a small city, a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom on a 100 x 55′ lot. Don’t tell me move, I would if I could. We presently have myself, the Mrs., our soon to be 18 year old daughter and our 4 four-footed children. It’s a nice house built in the 1910’s; not a lot of room but it works for us. As you can tell by the rest of my posts, I am quite a bit worried for my family if SHTF. Our eldest has a 6 month old son, the father lives with them but that’s all the credit I’ll give him. I wouldn’t trust him to watch my back for one minute. Not even 10 seconds. My mother-in-law is 3 or 4 blocks away in a similar house.

So….. if we bug-in, what do I do to secure them? Do I tell the 21 year old, ‘you and the grandson are welcome but not the father’? I can easily  do that (have done that on family events.) Do I forget them as the daughter won’t let go of the useless ^%$*#? How do I secure the mother-in-law? Set up heavy security and non-lethal traps? The house next door is empty, we are friends with the owner; if it goes SHTF fast, I think I could protect two houses next to each other a whole lot better than I can 2 houses 4 blocks apart. The 17 year old might go live with a boyfriend, if I don’t know him, do I trust him for her sake? I tend towards only offering sanctuary to those I know and could at least partially trust.

I have extended family that I would trust more than these 2 unknowns, and in fact, from what I can see, my extended family deserves the sanctuary more. Sadly they aren’t likely to come here in emergency, too far.

How are you planning to deal with family and extended family?

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