Posted on April 1, 2012


Those of you who are prepping for the Fit to hit the Shan, do you have pets? Me and the wife have 4 cats and hopefully maybe a dog or two to come. They are a part of our life – there day and night. Like family they can piss you off, but they also can save you from yourself. If the SHTF in a slow manner (eww.. bad mind picture) then we are certainly all about bugging-in. Even then we really need to add to our preps: extra water, catfood, cat litter, feline medications (OTC.),

But what if it isn’t slow? What if we have to bug-out? What if we have to bug out not with cars, but with trikes? I don’t know what to do if it’s a bug-out on foot, I guess we’d take ’em with us and let them out on leashes every so often. That would really slow us down – both from the sound and the extra weight. The sound as they shift weight and get pissed off at any other cats they see on the way. The weight as they range from 6lbs soaking wet to 14lbs dead weight. If I thought I was never returning I certainly wouldn’t leave them at home.

Trike bug-out is easy. Grab the cat carriers, water bowls and food, and a little litter along with our bug-out packs – hauling another 30lbs really won’t matter when out carrying load could be up to 500lbs. I’m sure we’ll have to get some ‘hamster bottles” for watering and cover them with umbrellas during the day. The heat of Summer scares me a bit – the humidity here gets above 60% regularly. A good thing for the trike/cart is that on the trike we also would have room for solar run fans to blow on them. In the winter, regular blankets and solar blankets would make the ride more comfortable.

In one of the ‘Doomsday Preppers’ shows one of the preppers mentions that if they couldn’t take the animals with them and they were sure they wouldn’t be back, they would put their animals down. It’s the Humane thing to do. It’s the proper thing to do. But I’m not sure I could do it to my little boy. A rabbit? Yes. A roaming dog snarling and threatening my family, but to just cold-bloodily pull the trigger on my little boy who has trusted and loved me for 12 years?? I’m going to do all I can to make sure that decision ever comes.

Have you included your animals in emergency plans and your SHTF scenario?